How to make Weapon mods like me !

Step 1. First of all you need a free progam:
Jed's half-life model viewer: >>>HERE<<< download hlmv136_setup file and mdldec12 file (the studiomdl_dod1.3 is not necessary.)

Step 2. Go to a site where they got mdl files, the biggest site (gamebanana) >>>HERE<<<
Step 3. Up the page you see a lot functions click on Skins button
Step 4. At the left side of the page you see on alphabetical order the game's. I will learn you the easiest way.
Step 4. The easiest way is clicking the CS:CZ button, in the middle you see the newest weapons of CS:CZ, at the left side you see all the different sort of weapons.
Step 5. Choose one of the weapons you see at the left side.
Step 6. By clicking on one of this weapons sorts, you see a lot of weapons.
Step 7. Click one of the weapons you like to make it for Nigthtifre.
Step 8. You see now the person that upload it, the rating etc.. You click on the the Download button
Step 9. You come now on the page where you see the filesize, the download instructions etc..
Step 10. Choose a server, click then on one of the server Download
Step 11. Click on open file.
Step 12. After downloading you see a Winrar / Winzip file. and in the .rar / .zip file you see a map.
Step 13. Copy the map to your PC, where ever you want to copy to.
Step 14. Open Jed's hlmv.
Step 15. Click Tools, than click on Configure tools.
Step 16. Choose the path at where you saved the mdldec12 file (and studiomdl_did1.3 file, but you dont need it!) If you finnished this click on O.K.
Step 17. Click on the Tools button, and than on Decompile model.
Step 18. Search for the gamebanana weapon, If it is good you see in that map a v_weaponsort.mdl and sometime there is also a p_weaponsort.mdl and a w_weaponsort.mdl. Double click on one of the this files and your decompile start! (if there is only a v_weaponsort.mdl file you only have to decompile the v_file ! ) 
Step 19. You need your second progam the Nightfire editors suite 2.01. >>>HERE<<<
(for all who got a error with this progam, you must dowload him >>>HERE<<< at the right side of the page on the Download button)
Step 20. Go to the NFeditor map, where you did install him, open  the map, click on the Tools map, search in that map for Nightfire Model Compiler progam.
Step 21. Open the QC file, in the map where you did decompile the gamebanana weapon ! click on compile model! (for the rest touch NOTHING ! ) The progam is making the CS:CZ.mdl to NF.mdl, at the end his status is idle.
Step 22. Go to map where you saved the gamebanana .mdl file, as it good is you see there now the ModelCompile map, open it. You se now the .smd file, the .qc file, the v(p or w)_weaponsort_v1.mdl1 and the v(p or w)_weaponsort.mdl, rename your weapon to a Nightfire weapon name,  copy the v(p or w)_weaponsort.mdl to your  
C:\Program Files\EA games\Nightfire\bond\models.
Step 23. Make the .bmp files of that weapon to .png (progams like paint or imagicon could do that) make the size correct:  8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, etc (such as 512x512, 256x512, 1024x512, etc..
Step 24. Put the .png files in the:
C:\Program Files\EA games\Nightfire\bond\models\textures. 
Step 25. to flip a model you dont need gflip, just use the flipper tool inside milkshape itself. and sound has to be an existing sound file name. You can't use a different name. also if the model doesn't line up properly in game change its $origin and make sure you account for players using the widescreen field of view patch, otherwise the gun may show up in the center of the screen rather than to the far right
put your sound here: C:\Program Files\EA games\Nightfire\bond\sound\weapons 
If you still got a problem with making a mod, you can always ask me in the game :D 

Making maps

I will learn you only to make a simple start of your map. The rest is to improve by yourself

Step 1. Download the Nightfire Editor Suite 2.01 >>>HERE<<< 
Step 2. Go to your NFeditors map.
Step  3. Go to your Gearcraft map.
Step 4. Click on gc gearcraft will be open
Step 5. Click on File than on New (or just do ctrl+n)
Step 6. An new file will be opened with four subjects. The left up subject is the camera view, here you will see it your map from a camera view. The right up subject, is an subject where you could created your map from a top position. The left under subject, is an subject where you could create your map from a front position. The right under subject, is an subject where you could create your map from a side position.
Step 7. At the left side of Gearcraft you see some tools: Click on the Block Tool button.
Step 8. Create a block in one of the three subjects (not in the camera subject!)
Step 9. Click with your right mouse in the block, and click on Create Object.
Step 10. It is a white block, in the block is nothing: go to Tools than to Make Hollow and choose the wall size (2-32)
Step 11. Now it is time to get your textures on the block: go to Toggle texture application (or just shift+A)
Step 12. Click on Browse and choose a one of the textures. If you are done with that. Click on Apply
Step 13. Click now with your right mouse on one of the three (not the camera) subjects and click Point Entities now you add ammo, weapons, triggers, players start etc..
step 14. I said I will hold this basic, the rest is to find out by yourself, most important of map making is a good idea and a lot of fun :)

(shift+W) is a very usefull button for making blocks from different size.
(ctrl+U) is very usefull for edit/delete walls of a block
Edit=>properties (alt+Enter) when you holding a point entities here you can make water, spawnflags, name of the model etc..
Map=>map properties here you can change name of the map maker. water size, sky size, sky model, a DM or CTF map etc...

Making JBNF server

Go to >>>HERE<<< and search for dsas or dss2. Choose one of them, it doesnt matter which. Download it:

DSS2: open DSS 2 and go to settings here you can setup a map, the max. players & rcon password. Do not touch Network Configuration. The other settings aren't needed. Go back to console; here you can change the password & server name. Make sure before you start the server, that it will start as a dedicated server.

DSAS: go to the DSAS map & than bond map: open settings-1. Here you can change the server name (host name) host map, server password, max. players & rcon password. (if you want a server for internet make sure that sv_lan 0 is !!) ok go back to DSAS map & open the server1 batch file. The server will start

If you can't see your server in NFBSPclient or Nightfire server list, than the server might be only host by LAN. this means your router port 26026, 26015, 26025 or 6550 isn't open by router or firewall block this.