This is probably the biggest list of links for all the active NF site's: enjoy it!!!

Just Xrazy site: >>>HERE<<<
JBNightfire site: >>>HERE<<<
Flow site: >>>HERE<<<
-|Xs|-Forum: >>>HERE<<<
JBnightfire site: >>>HERE<<<
-|Xs|-Clan site: >>>HERE<<<
EasyPeasy site: >>>HERE<<<
MenaFadel site: >>>HERE<<<
Hilals site: >>>HERE<<<
Diablo site: >>>HERE<<<
Mina site: >>>HERE<<<
Mina second site: >>>HERE<<<
The Fury site: >>>HERE<<<
Nightfire Bond Leaque: >>>HERE<<<
DoA clan site: >>>HERE<<<
Apw site: >>>HERE<<<
Fushion site: >>>HERE<<<
[$0] Clan site: >>>HERE<<<
Zero Degrees site: >>>HERE<<<
A weird NF site: >>>HERE<<<
Zero degrees Mods page by lagyshot ( this page works ! ):  >>>HERE<<<
Dude.x3 site: >>>HERE<<<
Norulez site: >>>HERE<<<
CiA clan site: >>>HERE<<<
HP new Clan site: >>>HERE<<<
HP old Clan site: >>>HERE<<<
XTS site: >>>HERE<<<
iaqptbnfpe site: >>>HERE<<<
NFBSP site: >>>HERE<<<
NFBSP wiki: >>>HERE<<<
NFBSP wiki map tutorial: >>>HERE<<<
Ultimate Sniper site: >>>HERE<<<
009 site: >>>HERE<<<
Dave site: >>>HERE<<<
Yarik Sniper site: >>>HERE<<<
Dutch-Union site: >>>HERE<<<
LU site: >>>HERE<<<
NF Mega Clan site: >>>HERE<<<
A4C NF site: >>>HERE<<< 
CV NF clan site: >>>HERE<<<
RAW clan site: >>>HERE<<<
WAR stoner site: >>>HERE<<<
FhL clan site: >>>HERE<<<
vA clan site: >>>HERE<<<
2l2d clan site: >>>HERE<<<
2l2d scrim site: >>>HERE<<<
ES clan site: >>>HERE<<<
4L site: >>>HERE<<<
DS clan site: >>>HERE<<<
SsW clan site: >>>HERE<<<
DV8 site: >>>HERE<<<
DV8 2nd site: >>>HERE<<<
ADA Clan site: >>>HERE<<<
SpY Hunters clan: >>>HERE<<<
SpY DV8 site: >>>HERE<<<
A's map site: >>>HERE<<<
Instigator mod site: >>>HERE<<<
Godly site: >>>HERE<<<
Storm old clan site: >>>HERE<<<
Storm new clan site: >>>HERE<<<
Other Storm clan site: >>>HERE<<<
Pink modding site: >>>HERE<<<
[4$tar] Clan site: >>>HERE<<<
gaiN mod site: >>>HERE<<<
NtN / LLs clan site: >>>HERE<<<
[XA] Clan site: >>>HERE<<<
{NC} Community site: >>>HERE<<<
CKY Clan site: >>>HERE<<<
B4L Clan site: >>>HERE<<<
[NP] Nightfire clan: >>>HERE<<<
(DNC) clan site: >>>HERE<<<
Nigthfire a map site: >>>HERE<<<
{NFS}Clan site: >>>HERE<<<
-]UK[-Clan site: >>>HERE<<<
|GDT|Clan site: >>>HERE<<<
INGINTE clan site: >>>HERE<<<
Saiitek site: >>>HERE<<<
<+]PU[- clan site: >>>HERE<<<
USP clan site: >>>HERE<<<
Itchy-Super site: >>>HERE<<<
Blond-James site: >>>HERE<<<
Jokers site: >>>HERE<<<
NS clan site: >>>HERE<<<
DV clan site: >>>HERE<<<
IS clan site: >>>HERE<<<
Rs clan site: >>>HERE<<<
DSA clan site: >>>HERE<<<
King-Ahmed site: >>>HERE<<<
Souljaboy site: >>>HERE<<<
Koki site: >>>HERE<<<
Nemesis site: >>>HERE<<<
RAT clan site: >>>HERE<<<
[EoN] site: >>>HERE<<<
KB clan site: >>>HERE<<<
mods4NF site: >>>HERE<<<
RedEye's site: >>>HERE<<<
UP clan site: >>>HERE<<<
[LM]Team: >>>HERE<<<